F A Qs

Where can I buy your books?
You can buy them from our bookshop, or from bookstores like … (Wellesley, Aesop’s Fable, Blue Bunny, Word on the Street, Silver Unicorn …) Most bookstores will order them for you if they aren’t in stock. They are also available at online stores but when you can, shop local!

Is it too late to be part of the current anthology? Right now we are not accepting submissions because we’re working on putting a book together. When the submission window is open for our next anthology, we’ll notify members in our email newsletter, which you can sign up for by clicking here! We’ll also post about it on our socials and on our website.

How can I be part of the next anthology? Most of the people who participate in our anthologies are paying members of The Writers’ Loft. The few exceptions would be people who bring a certain diversity to our community, who are well-known children’s book authors/illustrators, or who are local young people who belong to the Loft community.

Why are the books so expensive? We try to accept as many writers and artists as we can to participate in our anthologies, which is why they are so long. And longer books have more pages and more pages cost more money to print.

How many poems do you accept? It changes every book.

How many artists do you accept? This also changes every book.

What is your next anthology going to be about? We don’t know yet! Do you have any ideas? Let us know!